Elements of the Perfect Master Bedroom

Wednesday Jan 24th, 2018


Elements of the Perfect Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom should be a sanctuary. But aside from the bed, you’ll need a few key elements to create a space that feels fit for rest and relaxation. Whether you’re decorating your first master or want to spruce up an existing room that isn’t quite working for you, here are a few master bedroom essentials to get you started and how to best use them.


Early mornings are difficult enough, but having stark, cold flooring be the first thing your feet touch makes those early mornings all the more unpleasant. Remedy that by placing a rug right at the spot where you would swing your feet out of bed. While a large area rug that sits mostly under the bed and extends a few feet on either side is ideal, this option can also be pricey. Instead, try using runners placed alongside the length of your bed.


They’re a convenient place to check your outfit, but sitting up to your mirror image in the morning can be a jarring sight. Proper placement is the key to hanging mirrors in your master. Try placing two long mirrors at either side of your bed. And take note of what will be reflected in the mirror – see if you can reflect a great piece of artwork or well-loved photo for an image you won’t mind seeing twice.


Whether you’re reading a book or want a place to put on a pair of socks, seating is a must. A simple chaise or arm chair works, or spring for a love seat or full couch for more seating. A bench at the foot of your bed is another good space-conscious option, or use a chest and gain a bit of extra storage.

Bedside table and lighting

You’ll need a place to keep all of your night-time essentials. Look for something with a drawer for discrete, clutter-free storage or go minimal with a floating shelf. If you tend to read or do work in bed, find a lamp that’s high enough to provide adequate lighting while you’re reading, or install a wall light. If you prefer to use just one nightstand, balance the other side with an ottoman, stool or a mid-height floor lamp.

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