How to gain competitive advantage in the Canadian real estate market

Friday Feb 21st, 2020


The real estate market in Canada is hot now than ever before, putting buyers and sellers in the complex position where they constantly need to find ways to remain ahead of market competitors. With homebuyers looking for property that will provide highest value for their money, sellers can no longer do things the same way they used to. As such, information on how sellers and property owners can make their listings ripe for the expansive market in Canada is very timely.

Home maintenance tips that will give your property competitive advantage

There are multiple maintenance tips that will be instrumental in placing your property in a strategic position and enhance its chances of success. These include:

  • Decorating

Decoration applies to the interior part of the house where the seller can try to make things more appealing. Setting up good wallpapers on the walls of the house would go a long way in attracting buyer interest especially when the wallpaper takes a color and design that is inclined to either side for when it comes to gender. The wallpaper should be standard and relevant. Alternatively, you can choose to decorate by putting pictures and any other attractions ideal for a beautiful house.

  • Staging

Staging involves bringing the property up to standard to make a great impression for when the buyer comes to inspect it. It is imperative that you strive to make the deal as lucrative as possible, an outcome that can be achieved when you stage the entire incident in a way that is honest and elegant so much, so that the buyer would believe it to be the best deal for them. In staging the property, put as such effort on the outside as you would on the inside, so that the buyer falls in love with the property at first sight.

  • Renovations

Renovations stand the most important thing to do before putting a property to sale. This is because buyers would be more interested in buying a house that looks new, more than they would want a house that is obviously used and therefore unattractive. Renovations are supposed to be focused on the things that matter such as the air condition system, water leakages and painting among others and do not have to cost you so much.

  • Pitfalls

It is important to avoid pitfalls for selling your property. Pitfalls in this case would mean anything that escapes you but then the potential buyer spots it and therefore changes their mind about the entire deal. Among the pitfalls could be leaking pipes, faulty toilet, broken furniture and even something as minor as the presence of a few flies in the house.

The real estate market is all about presentation and particularly in Canada where buyers will only go for property that best captures their inner most desires, making them able to connect with it and picture themselves owning or even living inside the property. Gaining competitive advantage in the real estate market is imperative for any seller looking to survive and even thrive in a market as agile and dynamic as the one presented in Canada.

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