I know many real estate agents, why should I hire you Tasnim?

A very busy agent will not give you time and care that you deserve, while a seasoned agent might not have the expertise. With me you get the best care with the best expertise. Not only that, it is even better, you get a team working on getting your house sold at the price you pay for a solo agent. Does that make enough sense for you!

How much should I pay you if I’m buying a house?

Good news! You don’t pay anything at all! ...This is how it works.

How much should I pay you if I’m selling a home?

Typically in a transaction, two agents will be involved in the sale. One agent will represent the buyers and one agent will represent the sellers. The buyer’s agent generally gets paid 2.5% of the selling price, and the seller’s agent gets paid a percentage that is negotiated with the seller before the house is put on the market. The majority of the time this is anywhere between 1.5% – 2.5% depend on the quality of service you picking. But if your house is sold through me, which happens quite often, you end up paying 2.5% only.

What are you going to do to help me if I want to sell my House?

Selling your home for the first time can be scary if you’ve never done it before. I’ve found that clients sometimes don’t ask questions because they’re either nervous to ask, or they don’t know what they need to ask in the first place. And because selling a home is a big process that involve so many people, it can get confusing. I want you to make informed decisions, so I’ll explain everything from the listing agreement, to the buyer’s offer to purchase your home, down to the closing process and what you can expect in the final days before moving out. I love questions, so I welcome them. I want to take the stress out of this procedure.

What if I don’t like your service?

If me or any member of my team fail to honor any promise we made to you, You are free to cancel the contract anytime. And we promise we won’t hassle you or charge you anything extra! That’s the full satisfaction guarantee you have as my client.

Are you going to promise to call me, and then not call me?

For the life of me, I don’t understand how some people can do business like that. I firmly believe in developing a great working relationship with my clients and keeping in touch on a regular basis. We’re going to have lots to talk about – how the market is doing, who’s coming to see your home and their feedback, and buyers who want to submit offers. Anything and everything that happens in regards to your house, you’re going to know.

What if I try to call you or email you. When can I expect a response?

Right away. My usual response time is under 15 minutes. My phone is always attached to me, and I get instant notifications when emails come in. My priority is to being there for you whenever you need me.

Are you going to pressure me into working with your lawyer, your lender, or home inspector?

Never. In fact, you’ll find that I won’t pressure you to do anything. My entire focus is to make sure you get great service and walk away later with a good story to tell your friends. Although selling your house is the reason we’re here, I firmly believe real estate should be service driven and not sales driven. Oh, and if at any time you need a recommendation, I can suggest people who my past clients have worked with and given good reviews.

If I list with you, how is the listing price determined?

Great question, The selling price will ultimately be decided by you – after all, it’s your home. But I will provide you with an exclusive market data for homes in your neighborhood. We’ll take a look at your location, market conditions, and the best features of your home. Armed with this data, you’ll be able to decide upon the ideal price to get those buyers coming in fast!

Are you going to take pictures of my home?

This is the part my clients love the most. I take professional photos from perfect angles with a professional lens to capture the best potential of each corner in the house. I then meticulously optimize each photo before publishing it. Only 1% of real estate agents are providing what I am giving you.

What if I’m interested in a virtual tour?

I am partnered with the best virtual tour provider in the Greater Toronto Area and would be happy to arrange a professional virtual tour of your property all FREE to you.

You mentioned marketing my home on several websites. How effective is that?

First and foremost, your home will get featured on the grand daddy site of them all, MLS.ca. And I will make it stands out among the crowd with a unique page design. In addition, your home will be featured on my real estate websites and BLOGs, as well as international real estate websites. That means all my readers will be your readers.

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